Our kennels are not really kennels at all – they are individual chalets and look like beach huts. Every kennel has a 36m2 private run which your dog can access at any time he or she is in the kennel. The floor of every kennel is tiled from wall to wall and the walls and ceilings are lined with insulation and metal panels. This is to ensure that every kennel is spotlessly clean and fully insulated.

Each kennel is furnished with a Kuranda dog bed, a specialised elevated bed that keeps your dog off of the cold floor in winter and allows air to circulate in the hot summer months. As well as being flea proof and chew proof, these beds are also perfect for any dog which might need some orthopaedic support.


We have different sized beds, depending on the size of the dogs staying. We can place your dog’s usual bed on top of our beds for added comfort and for the added security of smells from home. We also have a mountain of blankets for some extra warmth during the colder winter months. The radio is played all day outside the kennels as, based on our own experience as dog owners, our dogs are more relaxed when they can hear human voices and music all day (we leave the television on for ours!). We tuck our guests in at night with a biscuit and a blanket before lights out, when the radio is also turned off. Our furry guests get to know the routine very quickly.

Every kennel is cleaned daily and runs are cleared out of any mess at least twice a day. All blankets used are also washed in between guests, and the kennels, walls, runs and bed bases are also thoroughly disinfected between guests. If your dog is staying more than one week, then his or her bedding will be changed on a weekly basis. You can rest assured that hygiene is of utmost importance to us. For this reason, we do not accept any dogs whose vaccinations are not fully up to date and we must insist that all dogs are treated for fleas and ticks prior to their stay with us. This isn't just for the comfort of your own dog, but we need to think about the comfort and safety of other dogs. Flea treatment is available on site but please let us know in advance if you wish to have your dog treated on arrival so we can ensure we have the correct size available.

Your dog will be given the chance to access our extensive play areas 2-3 times a day which are full of things to smell and play with. We don't have bored dogs at Diggers Den!


We prefer that you supply your own food as changes in diet can upset delicate tummies. We can, however, supply food if you prefer for a daily charge, depending on the size of the dog. We also offer premium brand pet food for sale at reduced rates and can deliver to your home. Please ask us for details and prices.


Any dietary and/or medication requirements can be catered for. We have our own dedicated doggy kitchen and a fridge for wet food. If you would like to provide your dog with fresh meat or a raw diet, then we can store meals in the freezer and defrost as necessary.


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